Access a Marketing TOOLBOX of Gift and Loyalty Applications from a Single Login ID.

Gift Cards
Complete gift card loading and redemption functionality either combined with rewards or issued separately.
Enrollment by Smart Phone
The fastest, most efficient database collection method on the planet with all customer data populating your private database instantly.
Cash Back Rewards
Offer cash back rewards in clear $$ currency (never points) customers actually understand with thank you notes sent the next morning.
Website Private Labeling
Push all online traffic to YOUR website for activating new loyalty accounts and enabling patrons to login and check balances in real-time.
Widgets are Awesome
Add a widget balance to the printed receipt to track low cost complimentary items (e.g., ‘Appetizers’, ‘Games’, ‘Bottle of Wine’) for all kinds of promotional possibilities.
Automated Email Marketing
Automatically load expiring bonuses on patron accounts with automated emails on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, visitation frequency and much more. No coupons or paper needed.
Cause Marketing / Fundraising
Connect directly with non-profit organization members in your local area to track donations based on sales activity year round with complete accounting transparency.
Mobile Marketing
Build official opt in lists automatically through enrollment and send text messages right through the same system and login ID.
Membership Marketing
Seamlessly offer both free and paid memberships that bundle special value that keeps customers returning constantly.
Customer Survey and Staff Insights
Real-time, easy to use and customizable customer feedback surveys with in depth reporting. Get alerted to negative reviews instantly.


Marketing Consultation
Marketing and technology need to work together. We'll customize materials guaranteed to engage and keep your database cranking.
Patron Help Desk
Our Patron Support team is always standing by to assist your customers activate loyalty accounts, answer questions and handle disputes on your behalf.