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Here’s some membership marketing ideas:

  • VIP Platinum Members are selected for complimentary upgrade by management and receive 20% cash back rewards daily as opposed to 10% rewards daily for non-VIP Platinum members.
  • Gold Members pay $10 annual fee and receive $10 activation bonus for joining plus $10 on their birthday and major holidays.
  • Wellness Rewards members receive 2 annual exams plus 5% rewards on retail purchases while donating 1% to charity.
  • Kids Summer Pass members enjoy 200 games from Memorial Day to Labor Day with a programmed redemption limit of 2 games per day.
  • Family Pass members receive 100 FREE kids meals for $19.95/yr. (2 redemptions allowed per week with paid adult entrée) plus access to exclusive benefits year-round.

Upgrade to Membership Auto Pay and fund your bank account year-round with membership fees.
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