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The simple plug and play wifi that builds your customer marketing.

Build Your Customer List Effortlessly (without your staff having to do anything)

26% Higher Open Rates Monthly
175+ Email Opt Ins Monthly
22+ WiFi Logins

Today’s customer is more connected than ever before. You simply can’t have enough list building tools to capture invaluable marketing data. The more data you have in your database the more chances to touch and bring customers back. And if you like the idea of WiFi marketing, why not work with a vendor where WiFi is but one small integrated piece of a robust marketing system designed for stores and restaurants.

⇩ Here’s how it works...

Step 1: We build a splash page and configure a signup bonus.

First, we design and integrate the login experience into a customized splash page that maintains your business’s unique branding. We’ll crank out a beautiful design while you wait for your new router to ship. We'll also advertise an incentive you approve to encourage signups (e.g., comp appetizer, 25% off coupon offer, $5 reward).

Step 2: Plug in your router

Plug in your router (or daisy chain multiple routers for larger facilities) to existing access point(s) and let customers connect with your store over any WiFi capable device. Our adaptive sign on process for first time and repeat customers provides a seamless experience. The WiFi router's firewall will reject all incoming ports while allowing outgoing.

Step 3: Collect data effortlessly

Customers can sign into your WiFi network with either their mobile number, email address and/or Facebook account. We automatically send an invitation to create a VIP/rewards account with your business to claim a special bonus or coupon in exchange for more data (name, birthday, anniversary etc.) It’s that simple. Build your list with no effort on your part. No key chains, cards, apps, or downloads necessary. It’s easy.

Step 4: Increase Repeat and Referral Business

Once the customer has been added to your private database sit back and let your automated promotions and scheduled campaigns bring customers back more frequently. Our Promotions Center will automate your marketing including birthday clubs, rewards, mobile coupons and incentives for long absent customers. They’re always bringing people in- even when you’re on vacation.

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Learn more about ALL of our List Building strategies to help grow your business.

WiFi CONNECT - A simple plug and play wifi that builds an accurate customer marketing list effortlessly.
Encourage mass signups by offering incentives to customers accessing your public WiFi.
The Kiosk CONNECT is an easy-to-use tablet display which provides your customers with a user friendly and engaging way to register for rewards
Setup a mounted tablet to signup customers, track check-ins and issue mobile coupons.
Social Connect
Grow and monetize your social media fan base and engagement strategy.
Creative Services - Tell your customers about your new club, special offers, mobile promotions, Facebook and more with stunning creative materials
Creative Promotions
Setup customized promotional materials with engaging signup instructions.
Refer a Friend - Increase referrals by identifying and rewarding the people who send you business.
Refer a Friend
Encourage word of mouth publicity through a referral incentive program.
Webste tools for List Building - Embed patron registration and login sessions into the fabric of your website
Website Tools
Install our easy website widget that enables patrons to signup online and check balances.
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