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Although we LOVE cards and highly recommend them for the engaging, miniature billboards they can be you don’t need cards to build your database or operate a rewards program. Cards are optional. Every single patron in your database can be activated without a card and can be located upon registration via their unique mobile phone number or other data. Even if your customer loses their card, tosses it away, doesn’t want one or never had one to begin with it doesn’t matter. As long as that patron has an activated account in your CRM database they are IN and you can find them!

Virtual Terminal Users

If you’re a Virtual Terminal user, you have lots of flexible choices for patron identification. You can enter the patron’s mobile phone # in the Swipe card prompt anytime. You can also use Patron Search to lookup by any database value (e.g., first name, last name, email address, even custom fields like License Plate!) It’s easy and fast.

POS Terminal Users

If your business uses a compatible POS system clerks can enter the patron’s 10 digit mobile phone number in lieu of swiping a card and record any sales or rewards redemption transaction. This method works as soon as the patron registers their account online over your website or registers by texting your keyword to one of our short codes.

VeriFone Credit Card Terminal Users

For brick and mortar storefronts who operate a VeriFone terminal, you can always enter the patron’s mobile phone instead of swiping a card. For maximum privacy, consider connecting a customer facing external pinpad so patrons can enter their mobile when prompted by the clerk. This solution avoids customers at the checkout counter being forced to divulge personal information to others waiting in line.

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