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Reloadable and Reusable

Our gift cards never have to be thrown away when redeemed. You can reload them with value and circulate to other customers, cutting down your plastic card expense.

Preload Value in Batch

We can batch load a series of gift cards in desired increments for your business in advance so you don’t have to individually load each one, a great time saver!

Doubles as a Rewards Card

Your gift cards can be used to earn and redeem cash back rewards on sales activity on an ongoing basis. This encourages customers to hold onto your card well after gift value has been redeemed.

Collect Marketing Data

When using the same gift card for rewards, customers activate their card so you collect valuable marketing data (email, phone, birthday etc.) stored in your private database.

Add a Comp Balance

The optional Comp Balance lets you load and redeem ITEMS or SERVICES that are not currency based. This feature opens up a world of prepaid promotional strategies. Learn more.

Online Balance Checking

Boost online traffic to YOUR website with our Website Tools Guide so customers can login to your site to check balances, transaction history, or update their profile.

Learn more about ALL of our Customer Loyalty Strategies to help grow your business.

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