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Cash Back Rewards

Issue rewards in clear $$ currency (No confusing points!) that can only be spent at your business on a future paid visit. For example, issue $4.82 back to a customer on a $48.20 sale (10% ratio) or perhaps issue $10 reward once $100 has been spent.

Use Cards or Go Card-Less

Cards are optional in the Loyal Patron marketing system. Circulate them at your discretion to swipe through a terminal or run a 100% card-less system where everybody is identified by their name or mobile phone number.

Frequency Accelerator

Encourage higher frequency and spending during slower times of the day or week by automating time periods that offer customers higher rewards (e.g., Double Rewards Mondays, Triple Rewards Thursdays 4 to 7pm)

Fundraising (Non-Profit) Marketing

Optionally add non-profit organizations to your account and start recording donations on every recorded sale to help boost fundraising business with 100% accounting transparency.

Integrates with Spark Feedback

Receive frequent survey responses from guests, including invaluable feedback on latest visits, requests for party and reservation bookings or learn why customers haven’t visited in a while.

Flexible Processing Options

Record transactions through a small VeriFone credit card terminal on your checkout counter. Alternatively, use our Virtual Terminal from any web browser, or integrated POS solution such as Micros 3700, POSitouch and eMobilePOS.

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