Circulate Plastic Cards or Sell Digital eGift Cards Online.

Everybody loves receiving a gift card. It is always a welcome surprise and puts advanced cash into operator pockets (always a good thing!) Enjoy the flexibility of distributing physical, swipe-able gift cards to patrons in addition to selling digital eGift cards online that directly fund your bank account. We have both gift card processing options covered when you open a Loyal Patron account.


Plastic Cards

Magnetic Stripe Encoded

Order swipe-able gift cards anytime you can load and redeem through any compatible POS terminal.

Doubles as a Rewards Card

Your gift cards can optionally be used to earn and redeem cash back rewards on daily sales activity. This encourages customers to hold onto your card well after gift value has been redeemed.

Add a Comp Balance

Expand prepaid strategies with an optional Comp balance that lets operators load and redeem ITEMS or SERVICES that are not currency based.

Digital eGift Cards

Direct Online Funding

Sell digital eGift cards online and fund your bank account directly with proceeds via or Stripe integration.

Configure in Minutes

Easily build and connect your own landing page or select existing templates that promote eGift sales online. Customize messages to purchasers and recipients inside the back office.

Easy Redemption

Redeem digital eGift cards displayed on mobile devices via hand-key or bar code scan from Virtual Terminal and compatible POS systems.

Gift & Reward Card Examples

Client Case Studies

Baskin Robins

Baskin Robins

Reward Card

At a store located in London, Ontario at the iconic ice cream chain the store signed up this many customers to their loyalty club in a single day.

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Collins Bowling Centers

Collins Bowling Centers

Rewards — Membership Auto Pay (3 year)

This innovative bowling center based in Lexington, KY uses our system to not only run a free rewards program available to every customer but also sells a premium GOLD membership retailing for $9.95/mo.

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The Flavor Spot

The Flavor Spot

Using our , New members get $5 off with initial signup. 5% Off after 5 visits, 10% off after 10 visits, 15% off after 15 visits, 20% off after 20 visits and loop repeats.

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