Loyal Patron integrates with POSitouch, one of the hospitality industry’s leading Point of Sale (POS) applications for restaurant table service, quick service, hotels, cafeterias, country clubs, delivery and stadium/arena use. Your patrons and staff will love all the benefits of our stored value interface offering super-quick gift and rewards transactions on the same ticket.

POS activity is instantly captured on the member’s account upon checking in, when the card is swiped or after mobile number lookup. All gift and reward transactions entered through POS immediately hit your online Reconciliation Report, which is emailed to authorized users the following morning summarizing all gift and rewards transaction activity from the previous day. Among the BIGGEST advantages is our rewards methodology. Loyal Patron doesn’t ruin your ROI potential with hard to understand points but rather issues cash back rewards on spending in simple to understand dollar based currency ($X.XX) every customer (and employee) can understand. Understanding leads to heightened guest engagement, which drives sales and visits upward.

Integration Features - POSitouch Loyalty Integration

Our POSitouch Loyalty Integration service offers:

  • Gift and Rewards Applications on one (1) Card: Combine gift and rewards applications on the same card or issue separate gift and rewards cards (Your choice!). Gift card recipients can hold onto their card and activate it for reward earning opportunities for convenience plus you save on plastic.
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  • Card-less Loyalty: Quickly access guests' accounts at the POS with either a card or mobile number lookup. Cards are optional in the Loyal Patron system. At your discretion, add a VIP Account Number custom field to your receipt where guests enter their mobile number when they receive the bill. Operators can run any rewards transaction and redemption off the patron's mobile number.
  • Fundraising: Network with non-profit organizations to drive business and print donations earned on every sale right on the Micros receipt with complete accountability and transparency.
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  • Clear Rewards Currency: Offer instant cash back rewards after each purchase or a milestone setup requiring a certain level of spending activity before a cash value reward is triggered.
  • Back Office Marketing Applications: From automated thank you notes that send the next morning to customized surveys asking guests to rate their dining experience, operators have access to all of Loyal Patron's marketing applications to put your loyalty engagement strategy into overdrive.
  • Marketing Firepower: Technology AND Marketing need to work together for optimal success. Loyal Patron will custom design a loyalty engagement kickstarter package that helps train employees, educate guests and build your database seamlessly and away from the busy checkout counter. Download our Creative Brochure brochure now for ideas.

Compatibility Requirements - POSitouch Loyalty Integration

In order to support integration, the merchant needs to have the Gift module AND Loyalty modules enabled, which they order through their POSitouch dealer. POSitouch version 5.36 and above is required. The Loyal Patron interface runs its own Windows service in the background.

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