Load or reward your customer accounts with complimentary items or services.

A great complement to any gift card or rewards strategy, consider offering customers a complimentary item or service to drive increased frequency and spending. The optional Comp balance is a type of stored value that is loaded on customer accounts and available for future redemption. We customize the comp name that works for your business (e.g., ‘Dessert’, ‘Haircuts’, ‘Exam’, ‘Game’, ‘Appetizer’).

Easy Load and Redemption

Use the same terminal that controls your gift card and/or rewards program to load and redeem items or services for customers in one easy step.

Sell Prepaid Packages

Expand your prepaid marketing strategy by packaging and selling comps in advance for later redemption (e.g., Buy 12 Meals for the price of 10. Buy 20 games for the price of 15).

Set Redemption Limits

Easily set programmatic limits to control how often customers can redeem comps at your business. For example, limit comp redemption to 1 per day, 3 per week or 10 per month. Your choice.

Automated Promotions

Deliver comps straight to your customers through any number of automated promotional campaigns, including Happy Birthday campaigns, We Miss You, holidays (e.g., New Year’s, Mother’s Day) and more!

Define Expiration

Set when you want your comp item loaded on a patron account to expire if unredeemed by the expiration window. Choices include: 1 Day, 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 1 Month and 1 Year.


Comps are an excellent way to add special value to a free or paid membership subscription. For example, give your VIP members 10 comp items when signing up with a limit of 1 redemption per week.

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