STOP LOSING BUSINESS and Increase Customer Visits by 44%!

The difference between a mediocre loyalty program and an excellent one is tens of thousands of dollars in lost business you’ll never recover. What we’re about to share with you is the most proven effective loyalty marketing strategy you can install in your business.

We modeled the masters of the loyalty universe (Las Vegas) and built a system affordable for the independent operator or small chain location. This strategy tracks the dollars that customers spend and issues rewards in the same crystal-clear currency everybody loves and understands...Cash Back Rewards. It also supports membership tiers, paid and free loyalty, fundraising donation tracking and includes FREE gift card processing.

Don’t get suckered in doing what everybody else does with the all too common “points” based programs nobody understands or other “digital punch cards” strategies. Today’s consumers are savvy and crave cash back rewards OVER ALL OTHER REWARDS.

Elevate Customer

Observe your customers happy faces when they receive $2 in rewards on a $20 sale (for example) they can spend on a future paid visit. You choose the percentages.

Upgrade Your

Selectively upgrade your best customers or sell premium memberships (e.g., Gold, VIP) to provide special value not available to everybody.

Automate Your

Create engaging email or mobile campaigns on birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and more you can set and forget with automated guest survey collection.

We integrate with several leading POS systems.

Clover POS

Alternatively, run our system with a sideline VeriFone credit card terminal or a Virtual Terminal (web browser) from a PC, laptop or tablet.

We were looking a reward program that was powerful and dynamic. We were used to the ones that came with our POS and basic plugins that came with website. After the demo with Jodi, we were blown away.

Douglas Wong

Case Study - Leo's Coney Island

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