The simple plug and play wifi that builds your customer marketing.

Today’s customer is more connected than ever. You simply can’t have enough list building tools to capture valuable marketing data. The more data you have in your database the more chances to touch and bring customers back. And if you like the idea of WiFi marketing, why not work with a vendor where WiFi is one puzzle piece of a robust marketing system designed to help make your business more money.

Q: What does the ‘Plus’ mean in WiFi Plus?

“We give users a WiFi marketing experience you simply can’t get with other vendors because of our expertise in loyalty. You have more signup strategies, more redemption options, and more automated promotional campaigns. Then there’s fully integrated mobile/email marketing and survey reputation management tools. You’re all set with 1 login ID to manage everything OR we’ll set it up for you plug & play.”

Adam Miller, CEO Loyal Patron

Grow Your Marketing List

Grow marketing lists on auto pilot with accurate Facebook data, name, email, birthday, with optional SMS opt-in and rewards program enrollment.

Timed Marketing Messages

Connect to your guests with automated marketing messages that bring customers back including our robust library of ready to roll holiday promotions.

Optional List Building Tools

Complement your WiFi list building strategy by advertising your mobile keyword on print media, deploying signup kiosks and using website landing pages.

Flexible Redemption

Fund patron accounts with either reward dollars or comp items your clerks redeem at the terminal, OR deploy digital coupons with easy 1 tap redemption.

Grow Social Media

Redirect your customers to social media pages, website, or other promotional content for engagement optimization.

Set it and Forget It

Setup in minutes. No ongoing work, staff training or upkeep required. Login to your account anytime to update or send Email Marketing/Mobile Text Marketing campaigns.

WiFi Splash Page Examples

Watch data stream IN and messages stream OUT. Effortlessly!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you compatible with existing WiFi equipment?

Yes. We integrate with most name brand WiFi Ethernet vendors including: Cisco, Meraki, Unifi, Mikrotic, Cambium Networks, Open Mesh (Datto) and many more, allowing you to configure existing equipment with our platform seamlessly.

Q: Do I have control over what data is collected?

Yes. Although we champion a default data collection strategy that verifies mobile # and email address we can support any social login configuration of your choice.

Q: Do I have control over download/upload speeds and session lengths before timeout?

Yes. We can control throttle speeds and adjust WiFi session length inside the dashboard anytime.

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