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Digital Mobile Kiosk

Build a Customer Database In-Store without Staff Involvement


Grow your customer list FAST! The Loyalty Kiosk is an easy-to-use digital kiosk display which provides your customers with a user friendly and engaging way to join your club, register for your rewards program, download your app, and/or redeem a coupon.

We help you setup a customer facing tablet that is affixed to a counter, floor stand or wall that advertises the benefits of joining your loyalty program or premium membership. The display features custom branding, messages and photographs from your business.

Customers engage with the tablet in an easy touch screen process that asks only for input of their mobile phone number. Once the mobile number is entered, the system sends your patron a registration link by text message with signup instructions and records an official opt-in response to build your mobile marketing list. Best of all, it frees up your staff from having to explain the virtues of membership or taking the time to register customers. Everybody has a phone and knows how to text. It’s simple, fast and efficient.

Floor Mount for iPad Air
Stand Prime for iPad
Stand Tall iPad
Universal Tablet Stand
Wall Mount for iPad

Example Mobile Kiosks

View examples of mobile kiosk advertisements from any tablet or desktop device to get the idea.

Spa Cascada
Mission Bowl
I Luv Sushi Restaurant
Hamilton Washery