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Mobile Text Marketing

Mobile Text Marketing

Increase repeat business with mobile communications to your customers. Mobile Text Marketing is fully integrated with the Marketing Suite. Capture vital marketing data beyond the mobile number (name, birthday, anniversary, favorite item etc.) PLUS automatically create a customer account in your database so you can boost repeat sales, spending, referrals and more!
  • Capture customer details like name, email, birthday, favorite item, etc. on opt-in.
  • Automatically push sign up bonuses, rewards or comps to your customers.
  • Send thank-you texts after the very first sale with a friendly opt-in request.
  • Create targeted mobile marketing subscriber lists.
  • Send mobile offers, alerts, specials to your customer list within seconds.


Send SMS Coupons (NEW!)

Create great looking mobile offers and coupons with trackable redemption tools including bar code scanning and kiosk redemption. Let patrons share coupons and offers with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more. Push offers automatically to nearby patrons with local GPS targeting. Learn More

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