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The simple plug and play WiFi router that builds your customer list.


Build Your Customer List Effortlessly
(without your staff having to do anything)

Today’s customer is more connected than ever before. You simply can’t have enough list building tools to capture invaluable marketing data. The more data you have in your database the more chances to touch and bring customers back. Why not maximize your data collection efforts with our WiFi router solution.

Here’s how it works...

Step 1: We build a custom wifi splash page

First, we design and integrate the login experience into a customized splash page that maintains your business’s unique branding. We’ll crank out a beautiful design while you wait for your new router to ship. This includes connecting your social networks like Facebook and Twitter to encourage likes, posts and sharing.


Step 2: Plug in your router

Setup your new router in minutes and let customers connect with your store over any WiFi capable device. Our adaptive sign on process for first time and repeat customers provides a seamless experience. Plus, take your business off the “easy to hack” map with enterprise-grade transaction security.


Step 3: Collect data effortlessly

First time visitors sign into your free guest WiFi with either their mobile number or email address. That's it. Your customers are now on your WiFi network and will be automatically recognized on future visits. You have their data with the option to collect more (birthday, anniversary favorite item etc.). No key chains, cards, apps, or downloads necessary. It’s really easy.


Step 4: Increase Repeat and Referral Business

Once the customer has been added to your private database sit back and let your automated promotions and scheduled campaigns bring customers back more frequently. Our Promotions Center will automate your marketing including birthday clubs, rewards, mobile coupons and incentives for long absent customers. They’re always bringing people in- even when you’re on vacation.

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