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Automated Touches on Major Holidays

There’s at least one (1) major holiday each month which gives you an opportunity to express a happy holiday message on a regularly recurring basis.

Email and Text Delivery

Easily toggle email or text (or both!) notifications to your customers that are ready to deliver to your database on the morning of each specific holiday.

Complete Customization

Each ‘Send Ready’ campaign is 100% customizable (header banners, images, text copy) from your Automated Promotions Dashboard.


Wrap a Reward or Coupon Inside

Holiday messages are even more well received when you load a comp, reward or mobile coupon inside the message to help drive visitation.

Set Expiration

When including a bonus or mobile coupon in your campaign, define when that value expires (1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month etc.) to spur call to action and visitation.

Easy Redemption Options

Choose your redemption strategy by either using a terminal to record a reward or comp redemption or simple ‘Show & Save’ coupon customers present at checkout.

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