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Use Same Login ID

Your mobile marketing module is accessible from the same single sign on ID you use for all other applications (WiFi, Gift, Loyalty, Email etc.) No 3rd party vendor needed.

Capture More than Mobile

Capture vital marketing data beyond the mobile number (name, email, birthday, anniversary etc. to boost repeat and referral business.

Integrates with WiFi and Website

Mobile numbers collected from our WiFi marketing router and/or website tools guide are instantly added to your official mobile opt in list.

Schedule Text Blasts

Customize subscriber lists or schedule blasts to your mobile opted in list within seconds with easy to use interface.

Send Mobile SMS Coupons

Create great looking, shareable mobile offers with trackable redemption tools. Let patrons share coupons and offers with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more.

Deliver Automated Promotions

Deliver automated campaigns by text message including: happy birthday wishes, thank you notes, and happy holidays to your customer’s mobile phones on auto-pilot.

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