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Use Same Login ID

Your email marketing module is accessible from the same single sign on ID you use for all other applications (WiFi, Gift, Loyalty, Mobile etc.) No 3rd party vendor needed.

Unlimited Send Volume

All subscription plans Includes UNLIMITED email marketing send volume under a simple fixed monthly fee. Save money on emails!

Free Stock Templates

Features a robust library of industry aligned marketing templates with proven promotional content that is easily editable and ready to send within seconds.


Integrates with WiFi and Website

Email addresses collected from our WiFi marketing router and/or website tools guide are instantly added to your email subscriber list(s).

Import and Validation

All emails collected during the signup process are validated for legitimacy through a 3rd party cleansing service. Import your old lists and validate them for accuracy.

Professional Design Available

Our Creative Services department is always standing by to professionally design any email marketing template you need (often with same-day turnaround).

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