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Customer Loyalty and Engagement Solutions

Offer exceptional service and valuable engagement opportunities with our customer care resources.

Gift Cards & eGift

Customer Databases

The Birthday Club

Ordering Solutions

Fund Your Bank Account Year-Round Through Gift Card and eGift Sales

Keep the cash register ringing even when the business is closed with a digital eGift card solution.

Accelerate Prepaid Sales with Gift Cards​

Our gifting programs offer the flexibility of distributing physical, swipe-able gift cards to patrons or selling digital eGift cards online. Give your customers additional purchasing power and offer them multiple ways to spread the joy of your business. Gift cards can optionally be used to earn and redeem rewards as part of your established loyalty program.

Plastic Gift Cards

Everybody loves gift cards! Order swipe-able or scannable gift cards your customers can purchase in-house for friends, family and colleagues.

Digital eGift Cards

Setup and configure digital eGift cards customers can buy instantly from your website with easy redemption from mobile devices.

Simple Website Integration

Our robust tools include easy utilities to launch landing pages promoting digital eGift card sales when visitors land on your website.

Direct Funding Integration

Loyal Patron is compatible with both Stripe and Authorize.net to deposit eGift cards purchased online directly into your bank account. 

Build Your Customer List & Grow Your Business

By creating and utilizing detailed customer data lists and other marketing tools, business owners like you can:

  •  Build a marketing list rapidly, accurately and automatically
  •  Encourage repeat and referral business through customer focused loyalty programs
  •  Utilize automated marketing tools to help you better retain and serve your best customers.

Build Your List With Customer Focused Loyalty Programs

Every new customer is a chance to create a long-lasting relationship. Our customer-focused programs can assist you in leading your customers through the customer life cycle, beginning with customer acquisition and leading through to retention and reward programs! Our programs are here to help you deliver enticing offers and perks every step of the way, keeping your customers coming back for more!


Cash Back Rewards Programs

Create a valuable Loyalty, Membership, or VIP program with Loyal Patron. Our programs were developed to deliver an affordable and comprehensive rewards system for businesses of all types. The loyalty platform tracks actual dollars spent and issues earned rewards in a cashback system that your customers will love! No more points, no more punch cards—just cold hard cashback rewards.

Loyalty Check-in Kiosk

The Loyal Patron Check-In Kiosk is a customer facing marketing platform that runs off any tablet device. This software caters to both your new and existing customers, allowing them to either sign up or check in with your business’ loyalty program. The Loyalty Check-In Kiosk is user-friendly for both your staff and guests to operate while also growing social media followers! 

Membership Clubs & Subscriptions

Take your membership club or rewards program to the next level and classify your loyal customers into various membership levels (tiers) for managing benefits with complete subscription automation. Sell memberships online, offline or upgrade customers you choose for free.  Your members will LOVE receiving exclusive benefits not available to everybody. 

Guest Wi-Fi Plus+

Loyal Patron has built a guest Wi-Fi solution that builds a complete and verified profile the first time they connect to your Wi-Fi. The software then auto-enrolls them into your marketing and loyalty program database. We constructed our Wi-Fi Plus+ service around our robust loyalty marketing platform, giving you access to tools designed to enhance and complement your Wi-Fi strategy. 

Leverage Your List with Automated Marketing Solutions

Building your customer list is only the beginning. Utilizing that information is where the rubber meets the road! We offer our users a wide range of solutions that will help them leverage customer data to deliver engaging and impactful campaigns that are proven to increase repeat patronage.

Automated Email

Our built-in email marketing platform directly integrates with our other customer solutions, helping you save on costly third-party services. You’ll have access to automated campaigns and scheduling features that allow you to connect with your customers without using extra time and effort. Our simple drag and drop interface with automatic mobile device responsiveness makes it easy for users of all skill sets to design professional communications for your community.


SMS Text Marketing

SMS Text Marketing presents the opportunity to leverage the fact that almost everyone has a phone! Loyal Patron helps you build a compliant list through mobile opt-ins, which allows you to schedule mobile text campaigns for offering discount coupons and driving awareness to sales and events, holiday, and special birthdays to encourage repeat patronage. Our mobile text marketing helps you put the drive to purchase right in your customer’s hands.


Digital Coupons

Get your offers in the hands of more customers! Digital coupons instantly deliver repeat business through a modern yet straightforward solution with higher redemption rates than classic paper coupons. Our digital coupon system can be easily customized to your branding, offers stackable discounts, and includes robust internal controls designed to prevent redemption abuse.



Our automated survey tools efficiently collect private customer feedback and store it in your database for future reference. The Loyal Patron survey system integrates with our existing programs, allowing you to link your surveys to existing automated promotions. Surveys are easy to customize with editing options, adding or removing questions, changing design elements, and more.

Acquire Brand New Customers With The Birthday Club

Birthdays are a great way to generate new customers for your business. According to the National Restaurant Association 7 out of 10 people dine out on their birthday. Everybody has one, and we love to celebrate them! Our birthday program identifies new potential customers in your area and delivers a timely birthday offer for your business.

Profit from the #1 Restaurant Dining Activity

Our birthday program is managed for you with a social media strategy, a sign-up system, and automated marketing tools.

Omni Channel Advertising

The Birthday Club is truly omni-channel, delivering advertising impressions and enrolling customers across social media, online/web, QR codes, guest Wi-Fi and optional direct mail touches.

Social Media Consulting

The Birthday Club service includes proprietary social media consulting that drives brand NEW guests with an upcoming birthday through your doors to redeem an enticing offer of your choice.

Special Occasion Marketing

Once your digital list starts to build, we send traffic driving promotions to your list on special occasions (e.g., Anniversaries, Half Birthdays, St. Patrick’s Day) to keep tables full year-round, not just on birthdays!

Ordering Solutions That Benefit Everyone

Improve ordering efficiency, enhance your guest experience and reduce costs with Loyal Patron! This product suite reduces incoming phone calls, manages waitlists and reservations, streamlines online ordering with third-party delivery services and connects with your loyalty program to allow customers to earn and redeem rewards.

Improve Front-of-House Efficiency with The Call Concierge

The Call Concierge is an automated phone system that assists with delivering a memorable experience for every customer that interacts with your business! The service uses automated call prompts and text messages right from your live call flow to answer customer questions, decrease the amount of time your employees spend on the phone, and ultimately, grow your business.

You don’t need another expensive and hard-to-use software system. The Call Concierge integrates easily with your current platform and is customer and employee-friendly. Explore how it can benefit your business today!

Features of Call Concierge:

Smartphone optimized and automatically detects and redirects landline callers

Phone orders, reservations, waitlist management, and more!

Record custom greetings or use AI solutions

Customize up to nine dial option prompts and responses

Automated text message responses and call forwarding

call statistics

Make Joining your Wait List or Booking a Reservation a Convenient Experience

Enable guests to seamlessly join your waiting list or make reservations via your website, SMS, Google Maps, Facebook and Instagram.

Wait Line Management

Our Wait Line solution offers a more relaxed dining experience that instantly reduces overcrowded lobbies. Guests can get in line and seated quickly without the need for expensive buzzers or pagers and check their wait times from their mobile devices.

Reservations Management

80% of diners visit a restaurant’s website or social media site before making a reservation and many use external sites such as OpenTable. Once acquired push these customers to use your own your website or social media channels for 24/7 booking at a fraction of the cost, even when your location is closed.

Save Money by Avoiding Expensive Third-Party Fees

Online Ordering Platform

Loyal Patron provides your customers with an effortless ordering experience directly on your website. Our specialist team will help you build and manage your online menu through a simple drag and drop system. Once you create your menu, add it to any existing website platform, and you’re ready to take orders!

Aggregate Orders into a Single Portal

Our solutions help with eliminating tablet turmoil and costly tablet rental costs. You can benefit from having all third-party orders in one portal with just one comprehensive sales report and customer ownership. No more third-party delivery services owning your customers!

Delivery Order

Delivery As A Service

Fleet logistics relationships forged with major delivery players (Uber, Postmates, DoorDash Drive etc.) allow operators of all sizes to offer delivery without paying a marketplace commission or having to hire drivers.

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Integrate with Your Existing System

Loyal Patron works seamlessly with various business software suites and technologies, including POS platforms and payment gateways. For 3rd party developers our API is also available for download by request.

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