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Case Study - Collins Bowling Centers

Case Studies:

Collins Bowling Centers

Collins Bowling Centers, is a innovative bowling center based in Lexington, KY uses our system to not only run a free rewards program available to every customer but also sells a premium GOLD membership retailing for $9.95/mo. that includes 24 free games per month that auto expire if unredeemed.

3 year snapshot

  • Total Rewards Members: 7,512
  • Total Monthly Gold Members: 680
  • Average Sales from Rewards Members: $18k+/mo
  • Average Gold Membership Fees: $6k+/mo
  • Average Rewards Breakage: 43.5%
  • Average Gift Card Load Volume: $7,335/mo
  • Average Gift Card Breakage: 20.2%
  • Surveys Completed: 1,455
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