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Case Study ProntoWash

Case Studies:


ProntoWash, is a 17 location auto spa chain based in Puerto Rico, conveniently located in shopping centers and office complexes that services vehicles while owners shop, eat and work. ProntoWash contacted us for help in automating their membership program.

Here’s what we did:

  • Set up over 30 different membership classes across vehicle types (standard, SUV, oversized) with various prices and expiration frequencies including: prepaid, quarterly, and unlimited monthly subscriptions.
  • Eliminated paper punch cards and switched to a card-less system that identifies membership accounts by unique License Plate.
  • Built an integrated interface with ProntoWash’s online payment gateway, Dynamic Payments, communicating recurring payment approvals and declines for loading proper number of car washes on renewal and updating expiration status.
  • Turned on daily reconciliation reporting and fraud monitoring to aid management with proper internal controls.
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